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You know my coffee order?

So last night around 9:00pm I went on a Chipotle run, and as I was heading out, I slipped into the pair of low heels I had by the door. But after doing so, my brain kicked into autopilot:

"You can’t wear heels right now, it’s dark out. You might give people the wrong idea."

"You don’t wanna make men notice you at this hour, be discreet!"

"If someone attacks you, you won’t get very far in these shoes."

Without giving it a second thought, I went upstairs and put on some flip flops. Then I thought to myself, how disgusting is it that I created these scenarios in my head so automatically?

As a woman, I have been conditioned to believe that violence against women is something completely within my control. If I wore those heels out last night and got cat called, kidnapped, raped, or worse, I would think to myself “If only I had changed my shoes.” What an absurd statement. A pair of shoes shouldn’t determine my safety. This rape-culture dominated society needs to be put to an end. Stop blaming victims for crimes against them.

After all, it was just a pair of shoes.

Chris Colfer Appreciation Month
Week Four: Favourite Interview/Appearance

The Ellen DeGeneres Show [November 18th 2010] x

I’ll pretend that I’m kissing; the lips I am missing. And hope that my dreams will come true.

OTP Challenge - {3/6} Kisses

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